Stay tuned to this page , July the 29 th marks the  close of the one month goverment consultation period , which i offered the Premier , Deputy Premier and Minister for Sustainablity , at the community Cabint forum in Hervey Bay on Sunday the 29th June .

I believe it will serve the public interest to see that a group of local citizens appointed by the Beattie cabinet came up with a plan for mitigating the impacts of development on the Widebay Coast.


I shall make this plan available for public comment on this website on that date and supply the necessary email and post addressess for comments to be forwarded to , this process will be a demonstration to the Bligh goverment of public democracy at work , and will allow the QLD goverment the ability to have a say in what the people want , in respect of adequate protection of the coasts values.

This will be a unique public consultation process , because it reverses the   political assumption that the ruling political party knows what is best for the people of the Fraser Coast Region , this will allow the people of the Fraser Coast Region  let the Minister for Sustainablity and the bligh goverment know what they want , not what Andrew Mcnamarra and the Qld labor party want for us!

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