July 16, 2016





March 13, 2016

This is a map of the known current EPC (Exploration permit coal) BLACK HATCH  and EPP ( Exploration permits petroleum) DARK BLUE HATCH.


This is a map of those permits with wells marked

globe csg



March 13, 2016

Draft Report Urban & Industrial Water Demand

Draft Report Rural Water Demand

Draft Report Climate Change





August 21, 2015

VIGILANTESNow kids , one of these men in black , is a closet ‘GREEN VIGILANTE’ , can you guess which one it is ?

HINT , one of them lives in the Mary Catchment and is not smiling!

Deputy PM and minister for infrastructure and regional development Warren Truss weighed in, saying legal challenges against major mines added to the impact of the downturn in the mining market, especially in Central Queensland.
“We need to find ways to smooth the approvals process so that we can get jobs being created again in Central Queensland,” Truss said.
“The reality is that [environmental activists] have got a deliberate strategy, raising substantial amounts of money to stop projects. They outline in detail their intention to use legal processes to delay and delay until the proponents are eventually exhausted and walk away.”

Warren Truss acting as a covert ‘green/lnp vigilante’ , helped destroy 1000 jobs from the Traveston Dam project ,


ATTACKS by the federal Coalition and the LNP on environmentalists claiming their opposition to dams had worsened the impacts of flood events in Queensland were hypocritical given the party’s own stand on the Traveston Dam.

President and water policy officer for the Wide Bay Burnett Environment Council, Roger Currie,  took aim at claims made in a Coalition document leaked this week that outlined a $30 billion plan to construct dams across the country.

He is furious that the Coalition blames the “environmental lobby” for the lack of water infrastructure it says is required to flood proof Queensland.

“In 2007 the Coalition instigated a Senate inquiry into the proposed dam which looked at the potential impacts to threatened species in the Mary River such as the federally listed Queensland Lungfish, the Mary River Cod and Mary River Turtle,” Mr Currie said.

“A number of high profile Coalition and Queensland LNP Senators and MP’s vigorously campaigned against the proposed dam for four years including Nationals Leader Warren Truss, Ron Boswell, Ian McDonald, David Gibson, Qld Environment Minister Andrew Powell, Ted Sorensen and Barnaby Joyce who is now the deputy chair of the Coalition Taskforce which now claims that it is the fault of the ‘environmental lobby’ that new dams have not been approved,” he said.

“Coalition politicians appear to have ‘short memories’ and blinkers on now, when it comes to dams, but they dumped Traveston Dam , faster than stale valentines day roses.”

Mr Currie, a passionate campaigner against the dam being built said the Queensland LNP and the federal Coalition had both provided public support for communities that were affected by the proposal.

“It ought to be noted that the ‘environmental’ opposition to this dam proposal paled in comparison to the opposition showed by communities and community groups who support the LNP/Coalition,” he said.

Mr Currie is furious at claims made by Local Government, Community Recovery at Flood Resilience Minister David Crisafulli that “crazy green groups need to be held accountable for their anti-dam position”.

“He seems to have forgotten, along with his federal colleagues, that it was in fact his own party that publicly opposed Queensland’s most recent controversial dam proposal,” he said.

“The LNP/Coalition should think twice before blaming the conservation sector for a lack of dams, when their party was so publicly opposed to Queensland’s most recent proposed dam.

“The Coalition ought to remember that they engaged with us during the Traveston debacle and that they were happy to share in the celebration when the Traveston Dam was put to bed. Warren Truss spoke freely about his party’s opposition to the dam at the No Dam celebration in Kandanga in December 2011 and MP for Gympie David Gibson publicly stated that ‘we have won the war’.”


Media Statements

Deputy Premier and Minister for Infrastructure and Planning
The Honourable Paul Lucas

Friday, June 27, 2008

Jobs Flow from Traveston Crossing Dam

More than 120 jobs for long term unemployed people could be created in the Mary Valley and Gympie region as a result of training and employment initiatives associated with the Traveston Crossing Dam the Deputy Premier and Minister for Infrastructure and Planning Paul Lucas said today.

Mr Lucas said $750,000 has been invested under the Skilling Queenslanders for Work initiative to give locals the chance to gain the skills required to work on the Traveston Crossing Dam project.

“Traveston Crossing Dam will not only play a vital role in delivering water security to Southeast Queensland but also provide life changing opportunities for the people of Gympie,” said Mr Lucas.

“The Bligh Government is committed to giving local people every chance to work on this project.

“The Skilling Queenslanders for Work initiative will target people experiencing barriers preventing them from entering the workforce and provide them with the pre-employment skills needed to work on the dam project.

“Participants will gain hands on work experience, often combined with accredited training, to construct, upgrade and maintain community facilities under Community Job Plan projects.

“One project is already being rolled out to upgrade facilities at the Mary Valley State College, other opportunities include upgrades to railway stations and construction of recreational tracks and trails associated with the dam project.”

Constructing Traveston Crossing Dam will require a skilled workforce in the order of 500-600 people.

“It is well know that the Gympie area traditionally has a high unemployment rate compared to the state and national average, Traveston Crossing Dam will create real long term jobs,” said Mr Lucas.

“Not only are we providing a pathway for locals to develop the skills needed to work on the dam, this will also open up opportunities for jobs on other major infrastructure projects in the region.”

A “Training, Employment and Business Opportunities” initiative launched by dam proponent, Queensland Water Infrastructure Pty Ltd (QWI), last week provides locals with information on current, construction and future opportunities associated with the project, including a registration form for the Community Jobs Plan projects.

Other initiatives being rolled out included accredited training courses, such as construction blue cards and civil skills, and forums for local businesses to enhance their opportunities for work on the project.

Already, approximately 100 local suppliers have gained business opportunities associated with the dam, including property managers, accommodation providers, fencing contractors and plumbers.

They are part of a ready workforce of 720 businesses who have registered for opportunities.




August 21, 2015




The link above is to the report i have provided to Minister Miles , the image above from the report clearly shows the ‘minimal interference’ with coastal process claimed by AURECON. 25M 0f dune and vegetation has been lost and this will continue for 200m to the mouth of Beelbi Creek.

This clarifies that the rockwall built to protect the foreshore and not the FH properties , will have a major impact on the remaining intact foreshore.



February 17, 2015

Widebay  Burnett is located in the East Coast North cluster.

The report indicates 3 scenarios for CO2 concentrations.

All scenarios indicate warming with a high degree of confidence in the modelling.

Scenarios for less average annual rainfall and intensification of severe events , has a medium confidence.

Scenarios for higher levels of fire risk  have medium-high confidence.

All scenarios indicate a high confidence in seal level rise.

In the near future (2030), the projected range of sea level rise for the East Coast cluster coastline is 0.08 to 0.18 m above 1986–2005,
with only minor differences between RCPs. For late in the century (2090), it is 0.30 to 0.65 m for RCP4.5 and 0.44 to
0.88 for RCP8.5 (Appendix Table 3). These ranges of sea level rise are considered likely (at least 66 % probability),
however, if a collapse in the marine based sectors of the Antarctic ice sheet were initiated, these projections could
be several tenths of a metre higher by late in the century (Church et al., 2014).






February 15, 2015

The geological formations of Callide went into shock this morning at 1.59am , when they discovered that the member (former Newman government Deputy Premier) was back to stay, one formation very close to the epicentre said’ ‘wow , i twitted all the other formations  that Jeff was here for the next 3 years at least , but i didnt expect them to go into techtonic panic , they all freaked out at once’. The image is from the interview they did with Dicky Knee for the new political reality show , ‘ Who’s the member for Where?’.


Initial assessments indicate that the epicentre of this 5.2 Sphincter scale event , may be under the former Deputy Premiers dunny.