This decision has opened the flood gates for the rejection of all development proposals  which do not meet the requirements of the State  Coasta l Managment Plan , we have  a Draft Widebay Regional Coastal Mnagment Plan which supports the coastal Plan , theres an old saying that , ‘if you want the job done get a woman to do it ‘, this is not endorsed by the Pope of course.  

Hence the ‘Girlie  ‘ aspects of previous Minister were not sufficent , Testosterone is the Key ingredient in the Warrior and Warrioress profile, you cant please the development lobby , so cut thier supply of testosterone off .

I  propose a hypothesis that most of the  wealthy males involved in ;

  • promoting thier personal development projects
  • and the male flunkies which pander to them

are testosterone challenged and hence lack the warrior status .

The true warrior does not fight for material gain .

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