The link below is a map of SEQ urban exemption areas for CSG ,  the theory is that legislation protects urban areas , however this is dependent on whether Michael Roche convinces Cando that they need to get into urban backyards , Michael Roche who is the Qld Mineral resource CEO  , does not  give a shit if its in your backyard .

If anyone knows his place of residence please email me , i can  then do a map of his backyard so we can get SANTOS to drill it .

If  you want to make a difference , ask SANTOS to drill in his and Candos backyards, in fact demand that they do this , that  you will get some movement .

Email James Purtill http://www.appea2010.com.au/program-presenter-abstracts-a-biographies/monday-may-17/session-6-environment-and-regulation.html   , at SANTOS , he is a former DG of DERM , he is an expert at CSG deregulation , tell him roger sent you .


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