Below is a map of the effect from the proposed mining extraction project , on the current biodiversity of the Colton USL (Unallocated State Lands ) , which is the junction of 2 state biodiversity corridors . The corridors are 5 Km wide , and this shows that the sphere of impact from dewatering the salty groundwater and extracting highly acidic and metalifferous soils , will be a 2.9 Km radius from the pit .This is what the environmental studies done by NEC/NEWHOPE has revealed.

This effectively will destroy the biodiversity corridor which has been mapped by DERM and the FCRC  as being a very crucial part of the Great Sandy Biosphere.


If the ten local jobs to arise from this project is a suitable trade off , i will bare my arse in Main Street, as long as councillors Gerrard o’conell  and Mayor Mick Kruger do the same  with me  .

Newhope , you  may assume they have it  stitched up , however , we know something which you  dont and we cant wait to dump it on you ,  when the time comes , so a word of advice from the people who shafted Traveston Dam ,  dont  count your approval , before your eggs hatch.

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