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November 7, 2017




The projected growth figures for Maryborough and Hervey Bay indicate that we will need a minimum extra 8000 megalitres (Olympic pools) per year to provide a secure water supply. Lenthalls Dam is not able to supply that amount and investigations by Queensland department of natural resources and water has indicated that raising the dam wall will not provide any further annual ‘yield’. Yield is defined as the amount of supply which the dam can provide in any given year.

There are 2 viable water sources which can provide that water, but wait I hear you say, ‘what about the Mary river?’. The Mary basin water resource plan which we created in 2006 indicates that there is a 150,000MGL (Olympic pools) strategic reserve in the Mary system, however this amount is only available to SEQ and we can’t access it.

Its our river , and yet we cant access that reserve.


PHON is promising to raise Borumba dam , which is SW of Gympie , so that it can provide an increased annual yield of 38,000 MGL.

The projected cost of raising Borumba is about $500M, and would take 5 years minimum to build.

This means that the unit cost would be $6600 per megalitre which is double the current cost of water supply.


Paradise dam which was built by the Beattie labour government has 100,000 MGL sitting in it, which nobody wants, this water can be accessed by building a pipeline from Lucketts road Childers to Lenthalls dam.

An annual allocation of 50,000 MGL could then be made available so that Maryborough and Hervey Bay can have a secure urban water supply( 8000 MGL)  , but more importantly it would also allow for an annual allocation of 42,000 MGL for agricultural production to sustain the Maryborough sugar industry.

The cost of the pipeline would be approximately $100M making the unit cost $2000 MGL , which his 66% cheaper than raising Borumba dam , and the pipeline could be built within 1 year, as opposed to 5 years for Borumba.


There is a common misconception that we could access Kgari for water supply as all the water is ‘wasted’ by allowing it to run into the sea.

What we now know is that all of the rainfall which lands on the forest of Kgari , drains back into the great sandy straits and therefore sustains the fisheries of this area, we also know that if we extract the freshwater from the island , we run the risk of impacting the forests as the freshwater/groundwater which sits in the sand dunes , is what sustains the forest.


I believe that the cheapest, quickest,  most economically beneficial ,most secure and least environmentally damaging secure supply , is to build the pipeline from Lucketts road to Lenthalls dam , which also means direct employment for the seat of Maryborough , as Borumba dam is in the seat of Gympie.