This image ws taken last year  at Kawana surf club , my Daughter Emma – Kate  and i met with then Federal Minister Peter Garrett , to thank him for rejecting Traveston Dam and protecting Lungfish. My wife Dierdre and I first met at the Torquay Hotel in 1977 when I was playing fullback for the Hervey Bay Sea Hawks aussie rules club. We have two children and four grand children. After completing five years military service as a soldier musician, I moved to the bay to see why my parents had moved there from Melbourne. I was just one of the young ‘Mexicans’ who thought Hervey Bay was ready for an alternative form of ‘punting the pigskin’, and it’s great to see that the game is still strong in the Bay.

I was employed as a cupola furnace man at Walkers Engineering Works from 1975 to 1979. I worked at the Hervey Bay High School for 6 years as a cleaner. Then did the usual construction jobs like builders and brickies’ laboring, gyprock fixing, then a couple of years with Queensland Rail as a crane and forklift operator. And from 1988 to 1995 I worked with Ergon Energy as an electrical storeman at the depot in Maryborough.

Deirdre and I then bought a sixteen hectare bush block at Talegalla near Bauple and I spent the next three years doing casual work and community work at Bauple, as well as building our three storey solar panel/polehouse and becoming interested in the habitat and wildlife where we lived. We had the place assessed for Land For Wildlife in 1999 and this was the turning point for my current focus. I became so motivated by the landscape I was living in that I applied for adult entry to the University of Queensland in 2000 and was given an external study place in the Bachelor of Applied Science programme, focussing on Protected Area Management and GIS (Geographical Information Systems).

I graduated in 2004, using the Fraser Coast Region as my framework for case studies and assignments. I was employed as the Regional Environment Coordinator for Wide Bay Burnett Conservation Council from 2003 to 2006. I have also been running my own Biodiversity Consultancy, REMC (Regional Ecosystems Mapping Consultancy), preparing property vegetation mapping reports and conservation planning reports in the region for both local government and private clients.

I have been the public face of conservation issues in the region as part of my media spokesperson role as regional environment coordinator and Water Policy Officer. I have been an anti traveston dam advocate since one of our ‘moles ‘ informed us that it was being planned . I may be the only public servant in Queensland who has been  unlawfully dismissed for making comments to the media concerning the dam , and gained a public apology from the Queensland government for the trouble .


  1. Hello, I am Lara Taylor and live in Hervey Bay. I will be voting for you and thank you for all the hard work you have done so far. Today on Fraser Island a ranger informed us that a camp consisting of 10,000 American servicemen was to be built and that the Traveston Dam would be their source of water. Can you confirm this for us as we have not heard this before. Good luck for the elections and I hope to see you in office
    Cheers Lara Taylor
    33 Foreshore Drive Urangan QLD 4655

  2. […] Also today we’ve put up links in the Blogroll column to two new websites we’ve become aware of by mayoral hopeful Paul Hefferan and council candidate Roger Currie. […]

  3. Thank you Lara

    , i have not heard that one before , to my knowledge there are no plans for a Military facility on FI , but i will certainly do a follow up thru my ‘spiderweb’ to find out.

  4. Hi Roger,
    I’m with channel 7 local news and I’m after a comment from you on an environmental issue.
    Hope to hear from you soon,

  5. P.S my number is 0411 366 744

  6. Roger you inspire me to do more, I was at the Lock the gate Kingston House meeting several weeks ago,I have since joined our newly formed group WASP ( water air soil protection ) here in gympie,I have a P.A.which I may be able to supply if you are planning something in the future can supply specs when needed, this PA can do a concert outside) Fuel and a hand shake is all I require. Ray Cowell 54 826164 0402989719

    • Thanks mate , its really nice to hear that , if a ex westy Melbourne suburban yobbo like me , can inspire someone , i take that as a compliment , i look forward to working with you mob , to produce transparent objective criticism of the negative impacts of mining in the Mary Valley , the distribution of cost and benefits for the regional communities , is what it is all about , cheers roger

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