November 20, 2016

Public eco nuisance Lee Carter is arrested at Torquay beach , after he emailed the police to tell them where he would be, when he would be there  and what he was going to do about stopping the power boat races.

This carefully planned stunt was not about protecting the marine environment , it was about gaining public notoriety , rather than presenting an objective argument based on scientific research and documentation of all the alleged impacts to marine biota.

Opposition to the races needs to be substantiated by scientific data on the impacts that can be directly attributable to the boats.

Deliberate planned public disruptive activity is simply a waste of crucial police resources, who have serious community  work to do rather than have to deal with self aggrandizing needy individuals , who’s farcical actions  give professional environmental advocates a bad image.

If Mr Carter and Mr Dudgeon have some science on the impacts as a direct result of the boats , they should document it for presentation to Minister Miles and the general public, rather than poncing around in the ‘sea Shepherd tee shirts’ , annoying the general populace.

Whilst the lads have every right to feel passionate about protecting the environment, these nuisance actions are counter productive to encouraging the public to care about the marine environment.

Its a  bit like the Irish terrorist that burnt his lips  by blowing up a bus using the exhaust pipe.



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