November 19, 2016

This video clearly indicates that the rockwall has been produced to protect 14 houses at the cost of the remaining foreshore to the west. The fallen trees where perfectly intact before the rockwall was constructed, and TOOGOOM has had no significant wave/weather events since then.

Therefore this loss which will rapidly migrate west , is directly attributable to the rockwall.

The company that is responsible for the rockwall ,AURECON , told DEHP that there would be ‘minimal foreshore impact’ as a result of the rockwall and DEHP followed the LNP Environment Ministers orders to get it approved.

It would be interesting to see what a significant impact would look like , if this is minimal .

AURECON should be charged with causing environmental harm under the EPA 1994 , but it would be the landholders who agreed to have it built , who the court would find legally responsible.

The main protagonist for this debarcle is Mr Martin Cooper the former owner of lot 48 Kingfisher parade which is the last house at the western end of the rockwall , it was he who connived and bullied the other owners into deciding on the rockwall , so that he would have sea views from his back verandah , and he has subsequently sold lot 48.

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